What’s Happening May 7-11

On Monday, May 7th, the Primaries (only) are going on a field trip to Science World for the day, along with the two Grade 1 classes from the school.

Please ensure your child is at school for the 8:55 a.m. morning bell.  Anyone who has not yet paid for the trip, please bring $5.00 per student to Shannon.  Allotments cannot be used for this field trip.

As we are spending the whole day at Science World, please pack a snack and a lunch for your child(ren), preferably something “spill-proof” and simple, as we may be sharing limited lunch space with other classes or school groups.

The children will be back by 3:00 p.m.


On Wednesday and Thursday, May 9th and 10th, we will be going to Gladstone Secondary School to see their year-end dance performance.  Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather as we will be walking there rain or shine.  The performances are in the morning, so we will be walking there with other classes from the school, leaving at approximately 10 a.m. and returning for lunch.

Portfolio Meetings

The final Portfolio Meetings of the school year are fast approaching, May 22 through May 29th.   Please take a look at the calendar on this blog and email me your first and second choice of meeting dates and times at your earliest convenience.  I am looking forward to hearing all about the fabulous learning that has been going on at home and seeing students’ work!

Year-End Plays

A tradition in our program, both the Primary and Intermediates are working on class plays to perform at the end of the school year.  The Intermediates have chosen to do a version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Primaries are doing Click, Clack, Moo!

To that end, I ask that parents help students practice and memorize their lines, and help students ensure that scripts are taken care of and come to school with students every program day for our practices.  For the Intermediates, we will be making changes as a group to the scripts, so it is important they keep their own copies as we make the changes and note them on the scripts as we move along.

For the Intermediates who brought their scripts home last week, please help them find their scripts at home, so they are ready to practice at school on Thursday.  For the Primaries, scripts will be coming home for the first time today.

Thank you!

Class Photos

The photographer will be at Beaconsfield tomorrow, Friday, April 27th for class photos.

The Home Learners’ photo is scheduled to be taken at 10:15 a.m.  If you are available to be in the class photo, please come to the classroom right at 10:15 a.m.

The photo should take about 10 minutes. Latecomers will miss out as other classes are booked after us and the photographer has a tight schedule.

Class photos are distributed free of charge to participants at the end of the school year.

The Spirit Horse

This is a friendly reminder of our field trip to the performance of The Spirit Horse at Carousel Theatre is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25th at 10:00 a.m.  Please meet me outside the front theatre doors by 9:40 a.m. at the latest as they only admit us as a group.  Please also ensure you have completed a consent form for your child(ren).  Thank you!

News for the Week of April 23rd

In celebration of Earth Day this Sunday, the students have been learning all about the problem of plastics in our waterways, oceans, and in the environment, have learned about reducing, reusing and recycling plastics and other materials, and made posters to display around the school.  They were very excited and engaged learning about this issue, and suggested some collective action (such as writing letters) that we will continue to pursue.

This coming week we will have our ADST (Applied Design, Science and Technology) Fair on Monday, April 23rd, in the morning for the Primaries, and on Tuesday, April 24th in the afternoon for the Intermediates.

On Wednesday we will attend our final Carousel Theatre performance of the year – The Spirit Horse.   The story centers on two First Nations children whose lives are changed forever when their grandfather, who lives by the old ways on a prairie reserve, brings them a horse that has mysteriously appeared to him.  The children feel an incredible bond to this majestic animal which links the girls and their dad to their Stoney Nation heritage.

Please complete a field trip consent form by Tuesday, April 24th.  The cost is $11.00 per person.

Also, Thursday, April 26th is a Professional Day, so there are no classes.

Wishing you a happy Earth Day!


For The Week Of April 16th

On Monday, April 16th, we will once again be heading to the UBC Hospital for our Science Workshop.  I will meet everyone outside the front doors of the Hospital at the bench, like we did last week.  Please be at UBC by 12:50 p.m.  Bring pencils and notebooks.

For the Primary students, I have the Sierra Club of BC coming in on Wednesday morning to do an Environmental Workshop with the students.  Please be at school for the 8:55 a.m. bell as the workshop will start at 9:00 a.m. Please also ensure that your child has warm, rain resistant clothing and footwear as we will be spending part of the workshop outdoors, rain or shine.  This workshop is free of charge to the students, but the Sierra Club does gratefully accept donations (which are tax-deductible), so if anyone would like to make a donation to them, please see Shannon.  There will not be Noisy Reading on Wednesday morning.

The following week, on Wednesday, April 25th, we have a field trip to Carousel Theatre’s production of The Spirit Horse.  The sign-up sheet and consent forms are on the parent table.

Science Program At UBC Starting This Monday, April 9th!

Thank you to everyone for your patience while UBC and I worked out the details of the science program they will be offering for our HL students. The UBC students have designed a science program around the neuronal system for our students!

The program will be held on Mondays from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.  Transportation for all students, both Primary and Intermediate will be “on your own.”  Primary students can be picked up from classroom at the start of lunch (12:00).

We are all asked to meet at The Information Desk on the first floor of the Koerner Pavilion at the UBC Hospital.

The Information Desk is just inside the front doors of the building, next to the Emergency Department.  As soon as I arrive there, I will wait for everyone outside the front doors, so that parents do not have to pay for parking if you do not wish to stay there.  There is a driveway right to the front door, where you can drop your child off with me.  If you are not familiar with the UBC Hospital, please google it for directions.  If you do get lost, the person in charge of the UBC program is Niamh (pronounced Neeve) and she suggests you text her for directions at 778-892-1252.

Please ensure your child brings a couple of pencils, an eraser, and a notebook to write in.

I will bring the Field Trip Consent Forms with me, so please make sure you see me before you leave your child at UBC on Monday!  Thank You!


The Gruffalo next Wednesday!

We are going to The Gruffalo on Wednesday, April 11th at 10:00 a.m.!

The sign-up sheet and consent forms are on the parent table.  If you plan on attending, please ensure you are both signed up,and have filled out a consent form – if you show up without signing up, there may not be a space available for you – and I hate to see disappointed children!

Please be at Carousel Theatre no later than 9:40 a.m.  The theatre will only seat us as a group and seat groups on a first come, first served basis.  The cost is $11.00 per person.  As some people have exhausted their allotments, please pay Shannon  by cash or by a cheque payable to The Vancouver School Board.  Thank you!

March and April

Spring Break is rapidly approaching. Some families are already off to warmer climes, and the students are excitedly discussing their plans for the break with one another!  Before we disperse for Spring Break, we have a field trip on Wednesday, March 14th to The Velveteen Rabbit, at Carousel Theatre.  There are still spaces available to participate in this lovely production.  The cost is $11.00 per person and the show is at 10:00 a.m.  Please meet at the theatre by 9:45 at the latest, as Carousel will not seat us until all our group is present.

After Spring Break, on Wednesday, April 4th, is the whole-school field trip to the UBC Roots and Shoots Music Program at the Chan Centre.  School busses will be taking students and teachers to and from the Chan Centre, so please mark your calendars to be at school by the first bell:  8:55 a.m.  Busses will be leaving promptly at 9:00 a.m. and will not wait for any latecomers.  Students will be back at Beaconsfield at 12:00.  Intermediate students can be picked up directly from the bus or from the lunch room.  Primary students will stay for lunch and the afternoon programming.  Please ensure that you have filled out the consent form ASAP for this event.  Any children who do not have a signed consent form will not be able to attend.

UBC Science Program:  I have received a number of questions about these classes which I am attempting to arrange.  Once UBC and I have fully arranged everything, I will provide information on dates, times, etc.  Thanks to everyone for your quick responses.

ADST Fair:  I have put an information sheet in every family’s folder regarding this year’s ADST Fair.  The fairs will be held in the afternoons of April 23rd and April 24th.  Please take a look at the information sheets and let me know if you have any questions.  I have no doubt the students will come up with fabulous ideas – I have been so impressed already with the ideas they have been generating in  class for their “Thingamajig” project and the further ideas which have emerged from their presentations and discussions.



Opportunity for HL Students – Please Respond!

I have been working with the Science Department at UBC since last Spring to plan a science program for our students.  The program would be led by 4th year biology students and be held in a science lab at UBC, overseen by one of their Professors and me.   We are finally ready to go ahead right away after Spring Break, provided enough Intermediate Home Learners are interested, and available to sign up.

The time which the science lab and the UBC student leaders are both available are Monday afternoons (1-3).  Now, as a HL group, I can either take the children to and from UBC, or we can arrange for parent drivers, which we can arrange later, but either way, right now, I simply need to hear from parents if your child(ren) would be interested and available to attend on Monday afternoons.  This program will be free of charge!!  Please email Shannon ASAP letting me know.  This is a fabulous opportunity!  Thank you!

Upcoming Field Trips

We have two upcoming field trips in the works:  The first trip is to the Carousel Theatre Production of The Velveteen Rabbit on Wednesday, March 14th at 10:00 a.m.  The cost of the play is $11.00 per person.  The sign-up sheet and consent forms are on the parent table.

The second field trip is an entire-school trip to the Chan Centre to participate in the Roots and Shoots Music Program on Wednesday, April 4th at 9:00 a.m.  There is no charge for his event as the school received a funding grant so that everyone could attend.  Students and teachers will travel to and from the Chan Centre via school busses.  For more information on the Roots and Shoots Music Program Click Here.  Consent forms are in the parent files.

Kayak Kids Illustrated History Challenge

The 2018 Challenge is now open! Canada’s History invites students ages 7 to 14 to submit a short illustrated story about a memorable moment from Canada’s past. This is a great activity that combines writing, history, art, research, inquiry and creativity! And there are prizes….


The top 2 entries (1 French and 1 English) receive:

  • $1000 RESP
  • trip for 2 to Ottawa
  • a medal from Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Julie Payette

The top 25 entries receive:

  • free subscription to Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids

All participants receive:

  • certificate of participation
June 1, 2018

Portfolio Time!

This is a friendly reminder that there are no classes until February 28th, because it is portfolio meeting time.  I am looking forward to hearing all about the projects, outings, and great learning that has been going on with all the students!

During Portfolio Week, we do have a field trip to Ballet B.C’s production of Romeo and Juliet.  This performance is on Wednesday, February 21st at 1:00 p.m. at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.    Tickets are $2.00 per student and $5.00 per adult.  If you did not sign up, but would still like to join us, please email Shannon.  I do have some seats available and can bring the consent forms for parents to sign at the door.  Please meet me outside the main doors by 12:40 at the latest as we will enter as a group.


Valentines Week

The students all have their Valentines mailboxes up and are eagerly making and writing cards for their classmates.  Personally, I love Valentines Day at school, because it is a time when the outpouring of caring and thoughtfulness amongst the children is abundant, and also because the children initiate their own writing to their friends, often asking me to write words and phrases on the board, or on a piece of paper for them to copy out for a friend.

There will be two Valentines parties this week – one for the Intermediates and one for the Primaries.  The Intermediates party will be a low-key celebration between 1:00 and 2:00 on Tuesday, Feb. 13th.  They will share treats and open their mailboxes.  To that end, please send in a treat for the children to share.

The Valentines party for the Primaries will be on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 14th, from 1:00 to 2:30.  We will share treats, open mailboxes, and have a couple of games and crafts.  Parents are welcome to join us.  Please bring a treat for the children to share.  We have many gluten allergies in this group, and an egg allergy, so please label your treat.

The Ballet BC and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra field trips are both fast approaching, so please also remember to sign up and fill out a consent form this week, as the following week is Portfolio Meeting Week…

Which leads me to another friendly reminder to please sign up for your child(ren)’s Portfolio Meeting.

Finally,  please ensure your child is not bringing toys to school.  There have been a few incidents the past couple of weeks of hurt feelings due to children feeling they weren’t able to play with toys that were brought in by a classmate, instances where children have been focused on, or playing with their toys from home rather than participating in class, and time spent looking for toys that were left outside during recess or lunch.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.



February Happenings

With February upon us, there are a number of events to take note of for Home Learners.  It is mid-year Portfolio meetings time, from February 20th, through February 27th.  Meeting times and dates are on the calendar, so please take a look and send me your first and second choices of dates and times to meet.  I will book people on a first come/first served basis, and will do my best to accommodate everyone’s requests.

We have two upcoming field trips planned this month; one to the Ballet and one to the Symphony.

On Wednesday, February 21 at 1:00 p.m. we are going to Ballet B.C.’s production of Romeo and Juliet at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, downtown.  Tickets are $2.00 per student and $5.00 per adult.  The sign-up sheet and consent forms are at the Parent Table.

On  Wednesday, February 28th at 10:00 a.m. we are going to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra‘s Elementary School Concert of The Carnival of Animals at the Orpheum Theatre, downtown.  Tickets to this performance are $7.50 per person.  The sign-up sheet and consent forms are also at the Parent Table.

Please note, also, that Family Day is on Monday, February 12th, and there is a Professional Day on Monday, February 19th, so there are no classes those days.

Last Week of January

We will be celebrating the end of January with another session of skating with the school for both the Primaries and the Intermediates!

The Primaries will be skating on Wednesday morning, January 31st,  from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.  and the Intermediates will be skating on Thursday morning, February 1st,  from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.  The cost is $5.00 per person.  Allotments cannot be used for this field trip, so please bring cash.  On both days, please meet me at the Trout Lake Ice Rink.  We will walk back to school as a class following skating.

As Monday is a Pro-D day, school is closed, so for the Primary students, I will bring the consent forms to the rink.  Please make sure you see me and sign the form or your child(ren) will not be able to skate.

For the Intermediates, the consent forms are on the Parent table, so please sign the forms and put them in my file folder for Thursday.

As Groundhog Day is also next week, I am fervently hoping that Wiarton Willie and  Shubenacadie Sam do not see their shadows!

It’s Dark Outside Field Trip

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 25th we will be going to Waterfront Theatre in Granville Island to see the production of It’s Dark Outside.  The play starts at 10:30 a.m.   Please be at the theatre by 10:00 a.m.  The theatre has asked everyone to be there no later than half an hour before show time.  The play is one hour in length.

There are still a few tickets available, so please email me if you would like to join us.