Welcome Back!

Hello and Welcome to all my new students and families and

Welcome Back to all my returning students and families!

I hope everyone had a fabulous summer, enjoyed the eclipse, and is raring to embark on another school year of exploration and discovery.  I have been working on a few learning adventures for everyone, and am excited to share that we will be learning all about Bats this first term.  I have some experts coming in and we will be building bat houses  (save your plywood scraps, please!) and exploring bat habitats!

To get started, I need to meet with each student and their parent(s)/caregiver for a Student Learning Plan meeting.  For returning students and families:  Please take a look at the calendar on this blog and email me your first and second choice of meeting times.  For new students and families: I will be contacting you within the week to set up a time to meet.

These meetings must take place before students attend programming, so please make this meeting a priority over the next couple of weeks.

Thank You!


Summer to September

As this school year wraps up, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed a year of learning adventures with your children, and how much I appreciate all the support and involvement of the parents.    What a great  community we have in our program!  After today, the school will be closed and all staff away until Tuesday, September 5th, 2017. 

On September 5th, the mainstream school students convene at 9:00 a.m. for a whole-school assembly in the gym  to find out their classroom placements.  Home Learners do not attend that day.  As soon as practically possible on the 5th and 6th, Shannon will be contacting all registered student’s families to book or confirm their Student Learning Plan Meetings.  These are very busy days and I will contact everyone as soon as I possibly can.  The Home Learners’ classroom is closed on the 5th, as all staff have meetings immediately following the classroom placement assembly, for the remainder of the day.

As with the rest of the distributed learning world, for Home Learners’, the month of September consists of mainly of planning, preparing and completing individual Student Learning Plans with the teacher, working on and completing each student’s Activation Assignment, and starting their home learning.   Starting immediately, please  look at the calendar on the left column of this site (or click onto the calendar page) to view available times to book for Student Learning Plan meetings.  Please email the teacher with your 1st and 2nd choice of Student Learning Plan meeting times.  I will book people into meeting times on a first-come, first-served basis. Although I will not be accessing my VSB email over the summer, your email will be saved and accessed upon my return in September.

I will do my best to book people into their requested meeting times on a first come, first served basis, and will email you confirmation on or shortly after September 5th.  

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting our new students and families!  Have a fabulous summer everyone!

Final Week

Next week wraps up this school year for everyone.  We have many memorable and fun things planned for next week, so here is the rundown:

Monday, June 26th:  Field trip to Fort Langley.  Please be at school by 8:50 a.m. as the bus will be leaving promptly at 9:00.  Thank you to everyone for getting your forms and fees in on time!

Tuesday, June 27th:  End of the year play performance for the Intermediates, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m..

Wednesday, June 28th:  End of the year play performance for the Primaries 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Thursday, June 29th:  End of the year Beach Day!  9:30 – 3:00.  Please meet by the Spanish Banks East Concession.  Free parking.  (Just look for my car if you aren’t sure where we are.) Please bring food items to share and we will enjoy a potluck lunch together.


Upcoming Field Trip

Our end-of-the-year Field Trip will be to Fort Langley and the Centennial Museum via school bus on Monday, June 26.  All registered HL students are invited!

At the Centennial Museum we will be doing a Bill Reid print making workshop and at Fort Langley we will be participating in their communities in the fur trade program.

Division 4, the grade 3/4s will be joining us for this learning adventure.

The cost is $12.50 per student (cash) for the trip.  Consent forms are on the parent table.  All consent forms and payments must be received by Friday, June 16th.

The school bus will depart from Beaconsfield promptly at 9:00 a.m.  Please plan on being to school by 8:50 a.m.  Students will return to Beaconsfield at 3:00 p.m.


Home Learner Wear


Another Big Thank You to Blim for providing a second order of T-shirts and Hoodies so we have stock for the remainder of this year and for next year!

If you want a T-shirt or hoodie before the end of the school year, see Shannon!  The fashion wear for the summer!



World Environment Day June 5th

Join the #BioBlitz150 iNaturalist Project

Contribute to the world's largest nature database and be a part of the global effort to keep track of precious wildlife. This World Environment Day, join our BioBlitz Canada 150 iNaturalist project » http://bit.ly/wedcan2017 #BioBlitz150

Posted by Canadian Wildlife Federation on Friday, June 2, 2017

Help build the world’s largest nature database!

What a great way to get outdoors to discover and  learn about the diverse environment we live in!  This is a great project for kids to learn about nature and be involved in something that helps sustain and conserve our environment for all species in Canada!

World Environment Day (June 5) is a chance to connect with nature and celebrate the amazing species in our everyday world. This year, the Government of Canada is hosting World Environment Day and asking people to get out and record the wonders of biodiversity in their own backyards. From June 1 to 12, every photo posted in the iNaturalist app will support the global effort to keep track of precious wildlife.

Help build the world’s largest nature database by sharing your discoveries. Every piece of information on a species – whether it is a photo, sound clip, or GPS location – helps researchers monitor changes in biodiversity and make important conservation decisions.

Read all about it, how it works, and how to get involved:  http://cwf-fcf.org/en/events/world-environment-day.html

Sign up here to participate!:  http://inaturalist.ca/users/new

A Message from our Library

Hello Everyone!


June is nearly here and that means that we need to start collecting library books so we can do our end of year tasks. This year, the due date for library books is Friday, June 2nd. The district will be switching to a new library software package over the summer, so this year we need to really focus on getting the records tidied up. The library will be closed for borrowing in June.
Thanks for passing on the message to your students!

Your Beaconsfield Teacher-Librarians

Field Trip

We have a field trip planned to O.W.L. – Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society on Thursday, June 1st at 10:00 a.m.  The facility is located at 3800-72nd Street, Delta, BC.  Sign up sheets and consent forms are on the parent table.

We have a 90 minute educational program booked, after which, weather permitting, we can proceed to Boundary Bay park for lunch and to view bird life and raptors in their natural habitat.

The field trip cost is $6.50 per person.  Please ensure your $6.50 in cash is submitted to Shannon prior to the trip date.  The fee includes Owl pellets which the students will be dissecting in class following the trip.

Please note, there are limited washroom facilities there – only one out-house. Also, no food or drinks are allowed on the premises.  Please also arrive 10 minutes prior to the start.

Thanks Again!


I would also like to extend many thanks to Santiago Yanez  for cutting, drilling, and providing the wood for the Intermediate students to make nesting boxes for their Ornithology unit!

And, I would like to thank Alister and his family and Olivia and her family for bringing pencils in for our classroom, and Dakota and his family for bringing pencils and pencil crayons in for our classroom!

Sports Day Colour Teams

Our group will be divided into 4 colour teams for Sports Day.  If possible, please have your child dress in their colour for the day.  If I inadvertently left someone out, please let me know.

Blue Team:



Sophia H.



Green Team:





Sophia Y.


Red Team:







Yellow Team:






Let Me Know & Thanks!

Sports Day

Please let me know if your child will or will not be attending Sports Day on Friday.  I will be putting the students into colour teams, which I will send out to families as soon as I have attendance confirmation.  Please have your child dress in their colours.  If they don’t have clothes for their team, not to worry!  Also a reminder to bring in the forms and money if your child wishes to order pizza for lunch.

A BIG Thank You

I am sending out a huge thank you to Emma and Braeleen and to their parents Jennifer and Shane for bringing in a package of pencils and a package of pencil crayons for our class on Monday!  The students were also very excited!


It’s That Time of the Year…

Classroom Supplies

In the last couple of weeks, all the classroom pencils have been disappearing.  I have put out new ones, which have also disappeared.  As we are nearing the end of the school year, we don’t have any more supplies left and we do not have any funds to purchase new supplies for this school year.  So, if your child inadvertently has brought, or brings, pencils home in their packs, bags or pockets, please send them back to school again!  We need them!  Thank you.

School Garden

Many of the classes at Beaconsfield have planted seeds and seedlings in the school garden.  We ask that children do not play at all in the school garden, as the plants are being trampled, much to the disappointment and distress of our young gardeners.  This is a friendly request to ensure children do not play in the garden after school.


Finally, we ask that toys not be brought to school on program days.  Mainstream classroom students are also not allowed to bring toys, so our students having toys does cause issues at school.  Toys at school also become the focus of much time and distraction during class time, and often cause issues regarding who can touch them and who cannot, etc.  Please kindly keep all toys at home.

Thank you!


Class Photo and Sports Day

Class photos will be taken on Monday, May 15th.  All registered HL students are invited to be part of our Class photos for 2016/2017.  Please ensure your student is in the HL classroom at 8:55 a.m. as our class will be the first to have our photos taken.  As this is a regular program day for the Monday/Wednesday children, please drop your child off as usual. There will not be noisy reading.

For the Tuesday/Thursday students, please simply drop your child off at our classroom and wait to pick them up.  We anticipate this should only take 15-20 minutes.

We ask that all parents wait outside the school building near the side stairwell stairs instead of the classroom or school hallway, so I can get the children lined up for the photo and ready to go.  Thank you.

Please note, latecomers will miss the photo and there will not be time for another photo to be taken. We cannot wait as all the other classrooms follow us.

Sports Day

Sports Day will be on Friday, May 19th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  All HL registered students are invited to participate.  Please note the 2:00 p.m. dismissal time.  The activities start at 9:00, which includes all groups leaving the classrooms and rotating stations around the grounds, so latecomers will not be able to leave belongings in the classroom or have someone open up the classroom for them. Please remember hats, sunscreen and water bottles!

Portfolio Meetings

The final portfolio meetings of the school year are fast approaching:

Tuesday, May 23rd through Tuesday May 30th.

Please email Shannon your first and second choice of meeting dates and times as soon as possible.

Thank You

Class Plays

The Home Learners’ annual end-of-the-year plays have been selected and work on sets, costumes and backdrops has begun!  The Intermediate students will be performing a fractured fairy tale: Rump and Ugla and the Primary students will be performing an Indian folk tale:  The Gifts of The Grasscutter.

Parts have been assigned and scripts have, or are going home today with the students.  Please practice the play at home and help your child(ren) memorize their part and the cues to their lines in their play.

Please also ensure that scripts come to school each day of your child’s programming.  With two full plays and multiple-page scripts, and in the interest of the environment and class time, we cannot photocopy replacement scripts for students when they are forgotten at home.

The plays will be performed for parents and guardians at our end-of the year class parties.

Thank You!


Field Trip Monday

On Monday, April 24th we have a field trip to New Brighton Park to participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  Field trip consent forms are on the Parents Table and the consent to participate from the Canadian Shoreline organization is on a clipboard on the wall.  Please sign both.

Weather permitting, we are also planning a picnic and shoreline exploration.  Please bring boots and rain gear for your child, and a picnic lunch.  I would also suggest bringing a change of clothes.

The shoreline cleanup is rain or shine, however, if the weather does not cooperate, we will cancel the picnic and exploration portion of the day and the Monday/Wednesday students can return to Beaconsfield for lunch and afternoon programming.

Parents are welcome to stay or to drop off children with Shannon.  If dropping off, please ensure you find Shannon and she knows your child is present before leaving.  Thank you

Please meet at New Brighton Park for a 10:00 a.m. start.  3:00 Pick up if the weather holds.  Shannon will text parents if an earlier pickup is required due to weather conditions.

End of the School Year

Well, that time of the year is fast approaching.  I don’t know about you, but this school year seems to be just flying by!

As most people know, we prepare an annual end of the year video which we present at our end of the year party.  I am once again seeking a parent volunteer to compile the photos and video clips into a video for us.  I know we have many talented computer people in our group… 😉

Please email me if this is something you might be able to do.

Thank you!


Primary Show and Tell Schedule

Wednesday, March 29:  Alister

Monday, April 3:  Briar

Wednesday, April 5:  Emily

Monday, April 10:  Samuel

Wednesday, April 12:  Ashlyn

Wednesday, April 19:  Declan

Monday, April 24:  Calla

Wednesday, April 16:  Asher

Monday, May 1:  Claire

Wednesday, May 3:  Braeleen

Monday, May 8:  Emma

Wednesday, May 10:  Rohan

Monday, May 15:  Luna

Week of March 6th

This is a friendly reminder that this is the last week before spring break.  There are no classes between March 13th and 24th.

Home Learners do not have early dismissal this week, classes are regular times – 9-3.