Writing for Teens by Teens

Well, I have to say I had completely forgotten about Teen Ink Magazine, until tonight.  I was cruising through a literature website and saw a link:  “Teen Ink Contests.”  Of course I clicked on the link, I love contests! However, I don’t qualify for any of their contests.  I’m a bit on the “old” side…

Contests aside, Teen Ink is a good magazine for teens.  In addition to their web version, they publish a print version of the magazine that is distributed widely throughout the United States, and can be subscribed to.  My daughter first brought my attention to it.   Not long ago, she submitted an article to them.  They accepted it and published it both on their site and in their print magazine.  She became a published author through Teen Ink!

Check out the site, I’ve added the link under “Favorite Links.” Definitely check out the contests, and, if you are so inspired, send them your thoughts – you never know!

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