A Midsummer Day’s Musings

I’m struggling with the fact that it is already mid-way through July. The summer seems to be flying by with no slow-down in sight. My best laid plans of clearing out the garage, reading stacks of books I have been saving for “summer reading,” organizing the house and turning my jungle into a garden just haven’t gotten off the ground…

However, English 11 is in its second week and is going well (Right? Everybody nod!), despite the 8:00 a.m. start. The class is truly remarkable – I’ve never seen so many students in one class read with their eyes closed. Usually its just one or two… 😉 Students are posting book reviews now and also great book recommendations for summer (or any time) reading.

As usual, I am on a constant search for contests for students to enter. There hasn’t been anything in awhile, but I suspect as September draws nearer the contests will start to appear again.

Finally, one of my favorite organizations, The Nature Conservancy, has a new Voluntary Carbon Offset Program anyone can join. You can measure your carbon footprint with their online calculator and learn how to offset your emissions to lessen your impact on climate change. You can also check out the projects the Conservancy is doing around the world (including Canada) to preserve our planet. You don’t have to join to use their online carbon footprint calculator, so go ahead and give it a try – its a real eye-opener!

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