Welcome Back!

Summer vacation time is nearing an end as nature’s signs of fall are starting to appear.  I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that crisp, breezy fall air on certain evenings and the odd leaf  yellowing and falling to the ground. 

I absolutely love this time of year!  I enjoy collecting seeds from interesting flowers I see around and , of course, harvesting the seeds from my own favorite plants in my garden.  At the moment, my kitchen is covered with stems and branches of seed pods ripening and drying, and little containers of various coloured and sized seeds.  This is also the time I fill the bird houses with dried leaves and twigs, hoping to help out both the birds, and the bees and insects that are seeking warm, dry places to hibernate over the winter.

That aside, I also love this time of the year because it is back to school time!  Everyone is full of excitement and expectation for a new school year, and the students are full of wonderful stories and things to share of their summer adventures and discoveries.

We have a lovely new classroom this year – much larger than last year.  In addition, we will be running a number of concurrent programs, so learning groups will remain small and personal, and learning will occur in various rooms within the school. 

There will be two levels of French this year – level one for new or younger students, and level two for those who have some French.  For term 1, while students participate in French, the other group of children will participate in Computer Skills and Discovery on Tuesdays and Art on Thursdays.

Carousel Theatre will be providing drama classes on Tuesday afternoons during term 1. 

Also for Term 1, we will  be doing a “Science Sleuths” program where the children will conduct experiments every week, a “Communities” program where children will learn about, design, develop and build their own community (with guests from Translink, City Hall, Police, VanCity, etc., coming to share their role in the community and how their organizations and what they do fits into the puzzle to form community), and a fabulous music program where children will have the opportunity to try all the instruments of band and symphony and put it all together as a group for a final concert!

From September 8 through September 23, I will be meeting with families individually to discuss and plan Student Learning Plans for each child.  I will also be providing details of all Term 1 programming and scheduling for fall at that time.  Please contact me to set up an appointment.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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