Remembrance Day Special Event

Our school engineer, Mr. Scott, is a member of the ANAVets.  His club is on South Fraser.  As a special event for the members of his club, men and women who are veterans, and for our students, he has invited me to bring interested students to attend  the club on Friday, November 6th at 6:00 p.m. 

I suggest that interested students work with me to prepare a song and to recite (with me, from a flip chart) In Flanders Field.  Just a nice, upbeat visit.  Mr. Scott will have treats for the students.  The entire event should last about half an hour, but will give the students something tangible to relate to for Remembrance Day – people and a place, and some very friendly, adults and older folks they can actually meet – real veterans!   

Mr. Scott has also asked if his club might borrow our poppy artwork for the weekend, which the students could present to the club. I think it is such a great thing to connect the children and the club and make what can be an esoteric event for children into something concrete and meaningful.

A small group of veterans from this group visit our school every year for our Remembrance Day assembly and visit all the classes to talk about being a Vet and answering the many questions they receive from the students.

If you would like your child to join us, please come and see me.   I will be working with the children Tuesday and Thursday to learn a song together, and to talk about and read through In Flanders Field.  If there is time, I may read a story to the children while at the Veterans Club – The Story of the Poppy, for the enjoyment of the children and the adults.

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