Term 2

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good holiday and is ready to jump into Term 2!

Unfortunately, while I was ready for school, the school was not ready for me…our computer system was down for all but the last hour of the day!  Oh well, such is life.

Tomorrow, the schedule will be as follows as we have 3 concurrent programs from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m.:

Please hang up your coats, bags, etc. as usual then head to the following room for your program

Language Arts:  Room 117

Personal Projects:  Library

French:  Room 104 (Home learning central)

All students will convene in room 104 at 10:15 for recess followed by Art and Science.

The school was cleaned over the break and is sparkling shiny! We also spent a great deal of time labelling where things need to be kept and put away in order to keep our room safe and functional. In addition, we have put up a “Lend A Helping Hand” sign-up sheet with various things that need doing around the classroom and school. We ask Parents to take a look periodically and lend a hand when you can.

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