Program Descriptions

Apologies for late posting of the program descriptions – they were sent and saved on the email system, so could not be accessed.

Also – thank you to DJ – Calum’s mom, who has very graciously offered to help with “blog communication.”

Program Descriptions

Math Madness

 We will begin each afternoon session with a quick dose of math madness: 20 to 30 minutes of playing group math games, exploring math concepts and basic facts with math manipulatives, and building numeracy through literature.

 Global Citizens and Global Communities

 This program will foster your child’s understanding of the broader geographical and cultural world around him or her. We will structure our explorations by looking at specific countries – their geographies, climates, celebrations, languages, songs, foods, and people’s daily lives. We will read books, listen to music, create art (and possibly food!) to venture into the hearts of foreign countries. This program will culminate with each child inventing their own fictive nation.

 3D Art and Sculpture

 Here we will explore art in its three dimensional forms! Here are a few of our exciting projects: we’ll start by building shiny, silvery, lanky “Giacommetti Statues,” and then creating fish lanterns for the 2011 Vancouver Lunar Festival. Then we’ll switch gears and get our hands dirty doing some clay work and paper mache. This program will culminate with a “Gallery Walk” – an afternoon when we turn our classroom into an art gallery and invite parents to walk through and admire our creations!

Fabric Arts

In this Fine Arts/Math/Social Studies program, students will learn about important artists who work in textiles and will learn a number of techniques including resist, painting, dyeing, stamping, screening, felting, weaving and batik (time permitting – we may not get to all the techniques).  This is a hands-on program where the students will have ample opportunity to work and experiment with various techniques and fabrics. 

Drama/Reader’s Theatre

In this program, students will learn about the use of space, movement and voice in creating stories and/or dramatic presentations.  Through an exploration of imagination, drama games, and activities, children will develop their storytelling and theatrical abilities.  Movement, voice, song, interpretation of stories, reader’s theatre and improvisation will be explored.  If the students desire, a collaborative play will be developed and presented to an audience at the end of term.

Personal Projects/Choices

Many students have a desire to work on their own personal interest projects.  This is a time to work on these in class, share their projects, perhaps get others involved, or collaborate with the teacher and/or peers.  Those who would rather work on their Stamp collections, read, create art or crafts, sew mittens, etc. have the opportunity to devote some time to these endeavours.

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