Term 1 Program Descriptions – #2

Amazing Africa

Students will be learning all about Africa and specifically Kenya and Uganda through art, cooking, stories, songs, and correspondence with our sister class from Rock Primary School in Kasese, Uganda.  Through this program we may also be doing some student-led fundraising projects to help out our friends in our sister school.


Writers Workshop

In our Writers Workshop we will be inviting the children to do what they do naturally:  make things.  In approaching writing in this way, we create a context that feels familiar to the students, a context in which they are used to taking risks.  It is all about creating a space in the day when the children are very free to experiment, explore and approximate with writing.  When supported to do so, children bring to book making the same exploratory spirit they bring to all sorts of other play.   In Writers Workshop children will use a combination of words and illustrations across a series of pages to make picture books about topics of interest to them. 

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