Next Week

A BIG Thank you to all the families and students for their wonderful portfolio work and presentations!  I am always awed at portfolio time at the variety of interests our students pursue and the wonderful projects and artwork that they produce!


Next week when classes resume, we will be in “winter holiday” mode.  Our Science project will be making bath bombs, which the students will sell at the Winter Concert.  All proceeds from the sale of the bath bombs will be sent to our class in Uganda so they can purchase, among other things that they need, paper and postage to send letters back to our students. 

If families have any moulds or ice cube trays and any essential oils we can borrow to make our bombs, we would be very grateful.  We need them ASAP to get started as we will be making many batches – starting Tuesday.  Everything will be returned to you by December 13th (or sooner).    Thank you to Mia’s Dad for donating the Citric Acid needed for our project!  We will be selling the bath bombs for $2.00 each. 

Winter Concert:  Many of our students expressed a desire to have a speaking role in the winter concert, and will be involved in that.  For those that don’t want a “part” they will still be part of the play in the choir, and everyone will have a role, be it as an Elf or Reindeer.

Mark your calendars – the week before winter break we have a field trip to see Seymour Dance’s performance of The Nutcracker and Carousel Theatre’s play The Wizard of Oz.  No forms or anything are out yet – this is just a reminder/announcement!

Finally, we will be starting a program learning about Vikings in January.  Please start saving cardboard milk cartons, coffee cans, and any extra chain mail you have (Kidding on that last item!!). 


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