Letters to Uganda

Many families advised me that they were going to work with their children to write replies to the letters we received from our Ugandan Pen Pals in December.  If your child has a letter, please bring it in by the end of this week.  We will be working on our replies on Thursday in class.

Also – this week our students are getting into the “Valentines Day” mood early – making Valentines cards for their pen pals so they will arrive in Uganda close to the actual day.  If your child(ren) would also like to make a card or cards at home to bring in, they are most welcome.   I will be packaging up all the Valentines and letters at the end of this week and mailing everything off. 

On another note – our students raised $250.00 from the sale of bath bombs at the Christmas concert.  The students were particularly excited that demand exceeded supply!  Apologies if you were not able to obtain one!   All the money raised is being sent to our sister school.

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