Art and Recycling Contest

The Electronics Stewardship Association of British Columbia is hosting the 75,000 Tonne Challenge to registered school students in BC. 

Since August of 2007, approximately 75,000 tonnes of electronic consumer goods have been recycled responsibly and kept out of BC’s landfills through the efforts of ESABC.

What does 75,000 tonnes of recycled electronics look like to a student in British Columbia? Through any creative medium, elementary and high school students will be asked to respond to this thought provoking question.

Students may use any submission mediums – such as painting, drawing, sculpture, diorama, model, graphic design, etc. This year’s prizes have yet to be announced, but last year They awarded a netbook, HD camcorder, digital camera and digital drawing tablets.

Information on the contest can be found at  Click on the “What’s New” button, then the ESABC 75,000 Tonne Challenge Now Open! link.

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