The Students Have Spoken!

For the Tuesday/Thursday Group:

We had a great class meeting this past Thursday, discussing a number of items the students raised.  The first thing we discussed was Show & Tell.  The students agreed that Show & Tell is taking too much time and that it is boring to many students.  They decided that they would like to have 4 students present their Show & Tell each week and that we time people using a timer. 

The students asked me to make up a schedule for them for presenting Show & Tell.  To keep it simple and straightforward, I will set the schedule up in alphabetical order.  So:  next week, on the 14th, Esther, Gray, Lily-Muna and Mia will be the Show & Tell presenters.  I will also put the names of the students on the calendar so people can look up future dates and find out when it is their turn.  As always, if students don’t want to participate, they don’t have to.

For Everyone:

The other item of note that was raised was helping the Oldales out after their tragic house fire.  The students would like to lead a school-wide bake sale with all proceeds going to the Oldale family.  The bake sale will be held on February 21st – so please mark your calendars!

On another note, we have a new student who is seriously allergic to peanuts, nuts and eggs We ask that everyone please refrain from bringing recess snacks that contain these items, as recess is eaten together in the classroom.  Lunch time is fine, as we have a special table for children with allergies to sit at so they are safe.


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