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The sign up sheet and the field trip forms are now available at the parent table. 

Parents please note the new sentence on the consent form which reads:  “If you are not able to stay for this activity you must make arrangements for your child to be in the care of another non-VSB adult.  Likewise be aware that your child may be under the supervision of a non-VSB staff member.”

To clarify, what this means is that if you will not be able to stay at a field trip with your child(ren), another parent volunteer from our program will be asked to supervise your child(ren) while at the activity. This would include the volunteer meeting you and your child before and after the field trip, and supervising things such as taking a child to the washroom during times when families are arriving and getting settled at an activity, or when everyone is getting their belongings packed up and exiting an activity.  This is especially important as the teachers must be able to determine who is in attendance at an activity, if everyone is where they are supposed to be,  if everyone leaves a field trip and nobody is left behind, and who is being picked up. 

It is standard practice with mainstream classroom school field trips that parent volunteers are asked to attend for these very reasons. 

You are welcome to make this arrangement yourself with another parent you know is attending, and let Juliana or Shannon know, or you may ask Juliana or Shannon to make that arrangement on behalf of your child.  The important thing is to let one of the teachers know.

Thank You



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