Medieval Plays

We have started working on plays for each group based on medieval times.  The K/1 group and the 2/7 group will each have their own play to perform at the end of the school year for their parents.

We are still in the preliminary draft stages of the plays.  When we have something closer to a working copy, we will have the children determine the roles they would like to learn and perform and send scripts home with the children so they can start learning their lines.

All students who are interested are invited to participate.  Students who do not wish to take on a role and perform are most welcome to take on other roles, such as set designers, stage hands, etc.

Generally speaking, K/1’s will be given one to two lines each in a group-type stage setting.

For the older group, please discuss involvement with your child so that we can ensure a role is written into the play for each child that desires one.

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