News for a Monday

I have exciting news for the Tuesday/Thursday students:  2 of our 3 robotics kits have arrived!  That means that can finally start our robotics program.

Students at Templeton High School are already working with their robots, so I am in discussion with the teacher there to do some teaming up with high-school mentors for our kids.  Stay tuned!

I have also put the Garibaldi Portfolio handbook in everyone’s file folder – please read through it to help your child prepare for their portfolio meeting.  We will have the booking calendar up in a couple of days.


We will have a Hallowe’en party on Wednesday, October 30th from 1-3 in the afternoon for the Monday/Wednesday group.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  Children are invited to wear their costumes to school that day.  Those who would rather change into their costumes just for the party are welcome to do that also.  Adults joining us are also welcome to come in costume!!  We will have games, crafts, and activities and invite participants to bring a snack to share.  I am mulling over the idea of bringing two special furry guests.  They were sent Hallowe’en costumes all the way from Minnesota, which, of course, they are eager to show off!  If your child has a pet allergy, please let me know.  No promises on bringing the Yorkies – they are a bit of work for me to bring for the day…

The Hallowe’en party for the Tuesday/Thursday group will be on Thursday, October 31st, from 1-3.  Everyone is invited to attend and to bring a snack to share.  Again, children are invited to wear their costumes to school.  There will be a costume parade with the whole school just before recess.

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