HR MacMillan Space Centre

The sign-up sheet for our field trip to the Space Centre is now at the parent table, and field trip forms are in the metal box on the table.

The maximum group size for field trips to the Centre is 32 students and 8 adults. Therefore, we will be taking students on a first come-first served basis as per the sign up sheet, with older students taking priority, as Space is a component of the Grade 3 curriculum and generally covered in grades 2-4+.

This does not mean the younger ones cannot participate, only that we will ensure the older children who wish to attend are able to.  This being said, parents with older students, please sign up as soon as possible so everyone can plan appropriately. Any older students who have not signed up by October 31st will not have a spot saved for them.

All parents who would like to attend, please sign up on the parent and sibling wait-list.  Parents will be accommodated as space permits.

Plan for the day:

10:00 Workshop

11:00 Day in Space

11:30 Lunch

12:00 Surfing the Solar System

12:45 Cosmic Courtyard


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