A Huge Thank-You!

As many of our parents (and students!) know, we successfully raised enough funds to purchase two robotics kits and have now started our robotics program with the Tuesday/Thursday students.  (Yay!!)

We would not have been able to purchase these kits and provide a robotics program without the help of all our families –  from donating gingerbread dough and decorations, to purchasing the students’ Christmas cards and baking, to attending meetings to discuss how me might raise the necessary funds earlier in the year, to packaging soap with the Pallisters.  I want to thank each and every one for joining in and helping us to provide these kits for the students.

I especially want to thank two families who we most definitely would not have been able to do this without:

The Pallisters, in particular Wade, who kindly and with a generous heart, made and donated his artisan soaps to raise funds for the equipment. Through sales of his artisan soap, he raised $500.00 for the Home Learners. Take a look!:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23457212/Garibaldi%20Soap%20Cheque.mp4

I would also like to thank Lilia Prescod, who conceived of the book sale and took care of all the logistics, and who also suggested the idea of gingerbread making, donated most of the supplies to make that project happen. She also purchased and raffled the gourmet ice cream at the Christmas concert. Through these projects, we raised $239.00.

A big round of applause to all!  🙂




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