Intermediate Camp

An camp experience for intermediate students (grades 4-7) is being planned for Beaconsfield students in May.  The Home Learners’ grade 4-7 students have been extended an invitation to join  this year.  In order to make a decision as to whether or not we will join them, I want to share all the information I have at this moment with you, and I need to hear back from everyone by November 14 – yea or nay.  If only one or two students are interested in going, then as a group we will not go, however, if most everyone does want to go, then we will.

The camp will be from May 13-15.  Only teachers and students attend.  There will be a ratio of 1 adult to 6 children at the camp.  The cost at the moment is $225 per student.  However, every year the school conducts a variety of fundraisers to reduce this cost per student.  Apparently, the cost usually ends up being  around $175 per student.  There are a variety of activities, many run by the camp staff, many run by teachers.  There will be things like horse riding, swimming, orienteering, sports, crafts, etc.  All meals are included and dietary restrictions are accommodated.

As the teachers must accompany the students, that is the reason why we will go if most go, but will not if only a couple of students chose to go.   I need to know by next week simply because there are staff meetings, fundraising meetings, and work behind the scenes involved in our group going, so before we jump in, we need to know if this is something we will be doing or not.

The camp is Timberline Ranch in Maple Ridge.

Any questions?  Please email me.

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