Book Reports

The Case of the Missing Deed

The author is Ellen Schwartz.  The book is about five cousins that try to find a deed that would save their Gramma’s cottage from Tantalus mine taking it away.  The five cousins’ names were Sebastien, Genevieve, Claire, Olivia and Alex.  The deed would not save the island only the cottage.  The clues that were in a cook book lead them to find number tags that would help them find the deed.

You should read this book!!!

Best regards,

Declan, Grade 4


Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is about a pig named Wilbur who was born a runt and a spider named Charlotte who saved Wilbur’s life by writing stuff in her web.  This story takes place on a farm.  I think this book is about friendship.  It is a good book.

Nathan, Grade 4

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