Intermediate Field Trip to the Museum of Anthropology

As part of our study of Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations, a fieldtrip to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC has been organized for the Tuesday/Thursday class on Thursday, January 15.

Students will explore a variety of monumental carvings by Northwest Coast First Peoples.  Students will learn to identify First People’s crests images carved on the poles and have an opportunity to tour the Great Hall, the outdoor poles and visit the Haida House on the Museum’s grounds. 

Please meet outside the museum by 9:30.  The program begins at 9:45 and ends at 11:45.

The museum is located at 6393 NW Marine Drive.

The closest car parking is at the Rose Garden Parkade across the road from the Museum. Rates are $1.75 per half hour up to a
maximum of $14.00 per day.

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