Intermediate Drama

The students will receive their parts for Romeo and Juliet today, and can start memorizing their lines.  Please remember to bring their scripts to class every Tuesday and Thursday, as we don’t have extra copies.  Every student’s part is highlighted for them.

I have “Shakespearian hat” patterns for all the students to make their own hats for the play, and they will be making their own costumes and sets.  To that end, I am asking for people to be on the lookout for, and for donations of, brocade for the hats, various types of fabrics, trims, ribbons, banding, etc. for the costumes.  The hats will also need large feathers, so if you come across any large coloured feathers, donations will be gratefully accepted!

For the sets, we are looking for large pieces of cardboard, a small wooden standing ladder (which we will, of course, return to you after the play) and any brown/gray/black/other donations of paint (can be house paint, whatever…).

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