Winter Concert Preparation

Winter concert preparations are well underway.  Our students have made most of the props they need for our performance and the songs are coming along nicely.

We need all the children to be dressed in white – tops and bottoms, if possible.  If your child does not have white pants or skirt, then an alternative light colour will suffice.  They don’t have to be wearing anything fancy – just white!

There will be a dress rehearsal for all the students together, likely next Wednesday sometime.  We ask all Tues/Thurs students who are able to attend the dress rehearsal so they are confident and know what they are doing for the performance.  As soon as I have the exact time, I will send out another post.

We are dropping “The Reindeer Dance” from our repertoire, so the students will be performing The Snowman Shuffle and Snowflakes only.

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