Winter Concert Update

Plans have been finalized for the Winter Concert.  As of Monday morning, risers and chairs are arriving from the Board, so there will be no gym classes next week at all.

The dress rehearsal for the Tues/Thurs students is on Tuesday morning, and the Mon/Wed dress rehearsal is on Wednesday morning, so please send your child’s white outfit with them to school.

The Home Learners are scheduled as the second class to perform at the concert.  Therefore, please ensure all students are dropped off in our Primary class – room 203 –  at 6:45 p.m.  Once our students have performed, we will bring them back to our classroom where we will wait for parents to pick them up.  You may come to pick up your child immediately following your child’s performance, or watch the entire school concert performance, but please pick up your child before you stop to socialize or return to Cafe Noel, as the teachers will be waiting to ensure all children are picked up and to close up the classroom for the evening.

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