Interactive Math Pilot

Recently, we applied for, and were chosen to be one of 10 classrooms across the province to participate in a mathematics pilot project to explore digital mathematics resources that support BC’s new curriculum.  We will be implementing a Minecraft  and a DreamBox project for a 6 week time frame both within classroom time and for student learning at home.    While many of our students already use both products, we will be working with Minecraft Edu version and the students will have specific work and parameters set around their activities.

As part of this project, we must collect data, such as observations of student learning, usability, instructional design evaluation, etc. I will be collating the data and reporting to the Ministry in what they refer to as a “White paper” at the end of the school year.  Therefore, I will be asking parents to track specific data variables during home use.  I have yet to construct the data set, so information will be forthcoming.

The privacy of all individual students and families will be maintained throughout the project – the project is in no way intended to assess students.  Rather, the pilot’s intent is to assess the digital resources themselves and either deem them “approved”  or “not approved” for use as Ministry endorsed learning resources.

We will send out more information as we get closer to implementing the resources in the program.


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