Dreambox Learning


As part of our Math Pilot, we now have Dreambox Learning set up for all the students in our program.  Links, sign-in information and other information about the program are in the parent files.

Please read through the information provided in your files and try to get your child(ren) signed up and going as soon as you are able.  As part of this project, we do ask that everyone at least have their children give it a try, and work at it so we can get a good overview of how this program might, or might not, meet the needs of our various students.

The program will tailor itself to each child’s level and progress, so please let your child figure out the lessons and activities on their own, and encourage them to put in at least 20 minutes per session, to help develop their perseverance and understanding of a task or concept.  The recommended time for children to spend on this program is at least one hour per week.  However, the more time, the better!

Finally, please do not allow siblings or other friends/family members to work with the program using your child’s sign-in, as the program will re-adjust to a level that is not congruent with the registered student’s level and will not help our students in their learning journey.  This is also against the Terms of Use and your child’s account will likely be deleted.

We hope everyone enjoys using this program!

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