Dreambox Math

Dreambox is up and running – we were “closed” from Dreambox for a couple of days as the provincial project we are working under with the Ministry had asked them to wrap everything up.  Dreambox has kindly extended our use to June 30th.

Dreambox has also offered us to continue having access for students for 12 months for $20.00 US for us – so students can continue on during the summer, and for the next school year.   This is a significant savings over their usual cost of $120.00 US per student for 12 months.  They require 25 students minimum to sign up to receive this special offer.

Dreambox is also adding some new features over the summer:  “Assigned Focus” which will allow the teacher to assign a specific content area – both to get children ready for a content area and to align foundational learning towards that goal, or to accelerate learning in a specific area.  I like this feature, as we can tailor the program more specifically both to align to the new curriculum, and to individually meet each child’s needs.

Please let me know if you would like to purchase a 12 month subscription – it can be paid through your allotment in September or you may pay it now.  If you are not returning to the program but would like your child to continue having Dreambox, you may do that also – you will just need to have your child registered in my class roster.  Please speak to Shannon ASAP.

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