ADST Fair Reminder

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies Fair


This is a reminder of the Home Learner’s ADST Fair on January 31st and February 1st.  This same information was provided to Families at our November Portfolio meetings.  The purpose of the fair is for students to share and demonstrate their ideas and products/inventions to their peers.  Like a science fair, students also prepare a visual display which connects to the item they will be presenting.  Our fair will be a fun way to fulfill the ADST curriculum requirements and to also build excitement and enthusiasm for this area of learning.

Basic requirements for students:

  • Generate ideas from their experiences and interests to pursue.
  • Determine the materials and tools they will need to make their product/invention. (provide a full listing – e.g.: scissors, paper, tape, brads, paper straw, etc.)
  • Use trial and error to make changes, solve problems in the design or operation, or to incorporate new ideas as they emerge.
  • Prepare a visual display to accompany their product.
  • Demonstrate their product (at the fair), including being able to articulate how they came up with the idea, and the stages of development to reach their final product.
  • Be able to realistically evaluate the success of their design solutions.


Products/inventions need not be complicated. Remember, the ideas should be child-generated with assistance from others.

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