September 29th

We all made it through Week 1!  There were a few tears, many laughs, new friends to meet and get to know, and new adventures and  routines to learn.  Thank you to all the Parents for helping to make the transition into a new school year positive and smooth for the children.

Next week, Gym will start for both the Primary and Intermediate groups.  Primary students will have gym on Mondays and Intermediates will have gym on Tuesdays.  Please ensure your child(ren) has runners to change into for gym.  Many parents find it easiest to obtain a pair of runners that stays at the school, in your child’s cubby, so they don’t have to keep track of runners going back and forth.

Also starting next week, I ask all parents to wait outside by the rear door, in the under-cover area, after school.  I will bring students down as a group after the bell rings.  There are a few reasons for this, one being that the students become immediately distracted when they see their own, or someone else’s parent or sibling, at a time of the day when we are often finishing up an activity or we are imparting information we want them to remember to take home.  Also, and most importantly, I take the safety of your children very seriously, and I like to ensure the children are picked up and a child hasn’t been missed in the melee of parents and kids in the hall.  I appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this.

Finally, I do hope to make Bat Houses with the Intermediate students this term, and perhaps one as a group with the Primary students.  To this end, I am seeking donations of plywood or OSB pieces.  I need pieces that are at least 27 X 24, 17 X 24, and 5 X 24  (inches).  The sooner they come in, the sooner I can cut them to proper size and prep them for the students.  They don’t have to be new pieces, so don’t worry about that.  If anyone has or can get any black asphalt shingles, that would be fabulous.  Not necessary, but the Bat houses will look very nice!


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