The Care and Running of H.L.

The Intermediates started learning about paper circuits and electricity yesterday.  I think most of the students brought them home.  Parents, you might have noted the battery that we used, which is a very inexpensive coin cell battery (2016) that I purchased at a dollar store.  As they are cheap (3 for a dollar), some of the circuits don’t work as well as they could.  I have purchased a class set of good quality coin cell batteries, but I am going to ask that they either stay at school to use on each subsequent project, or that parents approve $10.00 each from your child’s allotment so that I can provide batteries for each project that the children can take home with them.  Please email me if you approve of allocating $10.00 from your allotment for this unit of study – this is for the Intermediate students only.  Thank you.


Now that children are mostly settled into their program and developing a routine for school days, I am receiving many questions about allotments and paperwork.  There is always a lot going on in our program with upcoming field trips, events, whole-school events, and different plans for primaries vs. intermediates.  As such, I do my best to put everything on the classroom calendar, which is a page of this blog, so that people can view what is coming up and when things such as Scholastic orders are due, so please take a look at the calendar regularly to see what is coming up.

In terms of paperwork, field trip consent forms are always placed in the metal organizer on the parent table.  The consent forms are printed so that parents can sign and tear off the consent portion to put in my folder, and take the top of the page home with all the information.  Please do not take the forms unless you are signing up for the field trip.  For some reason, I am copying enough forms for all students but we are running out of forms  each time, and I don’t always have time to run further copies.  Also, siblings can be identified on one form, just clearly write each child’s name on the form. Parents don’t need to fill out two forms.

For your child’s allotment, all requested items must be approved and ordered by our staff, and the forms are also in the metal organizer on the parent table.  The approved vendors to order materials and supplies from are:

  • Scholastic
  • Education Station
  • School Specialty
  • Spectrum Nasco
  • Open School BC
  • ADS

Finally, I do want to acknowledge all the families for your support and assistance in making this a unique, vibrant learning community.  Today, I especially want to thank Ashlyn, Declan, and Calla’s families for adding to our Hallowe’en decorations and to our class library, to Dakota’s family for helping with paperwork, Olivia’s family for preparing our Winter concert music accompaniment, and Emma and Braeleen’s family for helping with Scholastic!  I hope I have not missed anyone, and I do apologize if I have inadvertently left someone out.

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