Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back after the Winter break! 

This term, the Primaries are learning about Living vs. Non-Living things, and the needs of living things, and we will be doing some fun science experiments together!  The Intermediates are learning about the Earth; its makeup, formation, plate tectonics, volcanoes, etc.  Before the break, the Intermediates asked that we continue with the Narnia series for our novel study, so we are now working on The Magician’s Nephew.   Yesterday we started our Inventor’s Workshop to great excitement, so I will be sending home a “scrounge list” of various items to collect for the students to create and invent with.  Everyone made fabulous potato inventions yesterday on paper, soon to be followed by “real” potato inventions!  We will once again hold an “Inventor’s Fair,” likely after Spring break, so families have time to plan and invent together!  In addition, I will be working with the Primaries on the K/1 “Heart Smart” program (healthy eating, healthy living), and with the Intermediates on the “Friends” program.

The first field trip of the school year is for Intermediates only and will be on Thursday, January 25th.  We will be going to the production of “It’s Dark Outside” at the Waterfront Theatre (Carousel’s Theatre).  In preparation, we will be doing some pre-theatre learning and activities in the next couple of weeks.  The field trip sign-up and consent forms will be on the Parent table shortly.

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