Opportunity for HL Students – Please Respond!

I have been working with the Science Department at UBC since last Spring to plan a science program for our students.  The program would be led by 4th year biology students and be held in a science lab at UBC, overseen by one of their Professors and me.   We are finally ready to go ahead right away after Spring Break, provided enough Intermediate Home Learners are interested, and available to sign up.

The time which the science lab and the UBC student leaders are both available are Monday afternoons (1-3).  Now, as a HL group, I can either take the children to and from UBC, or we can arrange for parent drivers, which we can arrange later, but either way, right now, I simply need to hear from parents if your child(ren) would be interested and available to attend on Monday afternoons.  This program will be free of charge!!  Please email Shannon ASAP letting me know.  This is a fabulous opportunity!  Thank you!

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