What’s Happening – Week of October 1st

We got off to a great start last week with our trip to Maplewood Farm.  The weather was lovely and the animals were calm and friendly!

In recognition of Orange Shirt Day, our Indigenous Worker will be coming to the Intermediate class to do a lesson and activity with the students on Tuesday, October 2nd.  It is also Pizza Day on Tuesday – thank you to everyone for getting your pizza order forms in right away.

We will be starting Library time with both classes this week, and children will be able to borrow books to take home.  Please keep Beaconsfield library books separate from Vancouver Public Library books.  If Beaconsfield library books are returned to the VPL, they are not returned to the school by the public library, and parents will incur the cost of replacing the missing book(s).

Children are encouraged to learn to check out and return their own library books, so any books borrowed can be sent back the following week in your child(ren)’s backpack and the students then return them at library time.   If parents do bring books back, please return them directly to the library, not to the classroom or to the teacher.

The week after next, on Tuesday, October 9th, is the annual Beaconsfield Walk-a-thon. Participation forms are in the Intermediate student’s parent folders.



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