The Week Ahead November 5-9

We have another busy week ahead of us, with the Intermediates going to Vancouver City Hall on Tuesday morning and the school Remembrance Day assembly in the gym on Thursday.

For the field trip on Tuesday, November 6th, please meet me on the concourse where the statue of Captain Vancouver is – in front of the North doors to City Hall.  Please meet there by 9:45 a.m.  I respectfully ask parents to please discuss with your child(ren) that City Hall is a quiet work environment, so everyone will need to be calm, quiet, and listening to the person conducting the tour.  I know that the Mayor or a Councillor has been asked to meet us and talk to us, but I don’t know who that might be, and I suspect the person leading the tour won’t necessarily know either, so we will just have to wait and see.  Also, no snacks in the building while we do the tour.

Monday, November 12th is the Remembrance Day holiday, so there is no programming.

On Thursday, November 15th, we will be going to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  The performance is from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  The sign -up sheet is up and consent forms will be ready on Monday or Tuesday.  This is also photo re-take day at the school.  More information on that next week when I have it.

Finally, Portfolio Meetings are fast approaching.  They will be held from Friday, November 16th to Thursday morning, November 22nd.  Please look at the calendar on this blog and email me your first and second choices for your portfolio meeting.  Please make this a priority as portfolio meetings are a mandatory aspect of the program.  For families new to our program – please have your child(ren) bring representative samples of all the work they are doing at home, and be prepared to discuss what materials, programs, workbooks, etc. are being used for learning.  For the younger children, parents often bring photos, have activities and classes listed, etc.


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