Seymour River Hatchery Field Trip

The students have been learning all about the life cycle of Salmon, why they are an important link in the eco-system, what threats Salmon are facing, and they have been working hard on their dioramas, which are looking fabulous!

I think everyone is pretty excited about our trip to the Hatchery on Tuesday!  The Seymour Salmonid Society has sent me an overview and guidelines to share with all students and guardians.  I have reviewed this with the Intermediate class and will review this with the Primary class on Monday.  Parents and Guardians:  Please read through these guidelines carefully so that your child(ren) and you are properly prepared for the day:

The actual field trip time is 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  They ask us all to arrive there for 9:45 so the leaders can get us ready, go over the day with everyone, etc.

Please note, due to the nature of this field trip, only registered students and their parent/guardians can participate in this trip.  No toddlers, babies, or students who are not registered in the program.

Washroom facilities are out-houses.

Backpacks, extra clothing and lunches will be stored in their classroom for the duration of the field trip and lunch will be indoors.

What to bring:

Please bring a waste-free snack, lunch, and water bottle.  All visitors are asked to take their own waste home.

No food or drink is available for purchase at the Hatchery.

Please wear sturdy footwear.  Rubber boots are great.

Please wear a waterproof jacket, warm layers, and pack extra socks.  (Remember, it is cooler and damper in the forest, and also we will be wading into the water with hip-waiters they provide.  Also, if the forecasted rain happens, it will be quite wet everywhere in the forest environment.)

Students and parent volunteers are asked to stay with the station leader at all times.

Walk only on the trails.

Use equipment (microscopes, etc.) only after instruction from the leaders, and use with care.

Parent volunteers:

All Adult attendees/supervisors are asked to help with group supervision, especially during lunch and trips to the outhouses.  This includes:

Ensuring students follow safety guidelines outlined by the GDS Educators, collecting student attention when necessary, and supporting students during station activities.

Ensuring students experiences come first, by conducting conversations at respectful levels.

Parents are advised there are no places to purchase food near the field trip site, no coffee or tea, and that there is no cell reception.

Finally, to find directions to the Seymour River Hatchery, on Google Maps please enter “Seymour River Hatchery.”

Note that highway traffic near exit 22 is very busy in the morning.  Please budget extra travel time if possible.


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