March 2nd-6th

I hope everyone is enjoying Portfolio Week.  For me personally, I always find it a joyful time with families and children, celebrating their learning and growth, and connecting one-on-one with everyone.  I also find it a time of reflection; what is going well, or isn’t going well, for each child, what “big E” education means for each child and family and for me in my practice.  I hope it is a time of happy reflection for you also.

Next week, we continue with our Portfolio Meetings on Monday and Tuesday.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we have Ice Skating at Trout Lake CC from 10:30 to 11:30.  If you have already had your meeting, so did not receive a consent form, please ensure you come in and sign it on Wednesday or Thursday morning.  The plan will be to walk to Trout Lake at 10:00 a.m. with the two other classes, and walk back afterwards, in time for lunch. For the Primaries, we will have Noisy Reading, Show & Tell, and perhaps time for an activity before we depart.  For the Intermediates, we will have Daily Starter and Novel Study prior to departing.

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