Sports Day!




Beaconsfield’s Sports Day is on Thursday, May 14th.  This year, we will be having a Virtual Sports Day.  In order to create some Beaconsfield spirit, the staff have put together some ideas for activities that you can do to celebrate our Sports Day in a very different way!  You can complete as many as you like!

It looks like the weather will be changing everyday as it usually does in May, so please feel free to video your sports day event (if you are doing one outdoors) on a nice day and save the poster making etc. for the rainy days this week.


  1. A Beaconsfield Sports Day mascot
  2. A Sports Day cheer, song or poem
  3. A Sports Day dance
  4. A Sports Day poster
  5. A Sports Day event (inside or out) and video yourself performing the event
  6. A Sports Day menu that fuels you up for the day. Draw/write down/prepare a Sports Day breakfast, snack and lunch that follows Canada’s food guide.

We are hoping to compile the students work in videos and pictures so we can produce a video (like the one the teachers sent out last week) in order to celebrate Sports Day 2020.  If you would like to contribute a piece of your child’s work, please send a short video (20 seconds maximum) or a photo of your child’s work to Mr. Thomas.  His email address is  Also please indicate in the email that you are giving parental permission for your child’s work to be shared.  This will be a private you tube channel. If you want your child included but not their photo or image, feel free to send a picture of their poster, mascot, poems and menus and it will be added to Virtual Sports Day 2020 video.

Any questions, concerns and any submissions are to be sent to Mr. Thomas ( as the classroom teachers will be busy continuing their regular education opportunities.

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