Friday, May 29

Starting on Monday, June 1st, all the teachers and some students will be back in the school building.  During all our virtual classes, like Novel Study, Story Time, Show & Tell and Primary Games, students will be able to see that I am in the classroom.  🙂

By now, I hope that everyone has received the letters regarding the health and safety rules regarding coming to school.  Only those students who identified themselves as returning will be allowed to return.  If students show up who did not identify themselves as returning, they will be asked to go home.  Parents will not be able to enter the school building except by previous appointment through the Principal.  I don’t know yet what the plan will be to pick up student work, belongings, and report cards, but once that is determined, I will let everyone know.

Starting on Monday, the Intermediates will be doing a new Novel Study.  I have booked Novel Study for Mondays and Fridays to ensure that we will complete the book within the month.

I also have Story Time planned for the Primaries (and any Intermediates who enjoy listening to stories), an open Show & Tell for any student who would like to share something they are learning about, or something they made, and a Primary Games time when we will do fun games together.  Please look at the calendar for the days and times of these online programs.

Those students who are attending will attend on Thursdays. There are 5 students returning.  Please be on time for outside pick up by me at 9:00 a.m. and when I bring the students outside to go home at 3:00 p.m.  Please also remember that snack and lunch wrappers, food, etc., needs to be packed up and taken home, and no toys or stuffies from home.  The cloakroom is closed off, so students will be keeping sweaters, backpacks, etc. at their own assigned desk areas.

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