September 11, 2020

Entering the heading to this blog post, it suddenly hit me what day it is today.  It is this day that changed the course of my life.  As I sat in the media room with colleagues at my corporation watching events unfold, attempting to track down my cousin whose office was in one of those buildings, our VP walked in and commented that we had better things to do than waste our time watching that.  I knew in that split second that I needed to make a change. The rest, as they say, is history.  I’m sending out positive thoughts to everyone who has feelings and memories from this day.

A couple of items for today:

I am making some of our regular paper forms, such as the Allotment Request Form and others as they arise, into fillable PDFs.  As soon as I have them ready to go, I’ll upload them to this blog and people will be able to fill them in and email them to me.

I know not everyone has a printer/scanner or can necessarily afford to be printing out documents and materials I send out.  I am putting  “Mailboxes” outside at the front door of the school for people to drop off forms, documents, school work, etc.  I will also be able to leave paper documents, materials, etc. in the mailbox for you to pick up – I will have one for pick up, and one for drop off.  The mailboxes will be at the front door from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  I can’t leave them out in the evening as they are likely to disappear.  I have been providing envelopes to people who are meeting me face-to-face for their SLP meeting, as a courtesy, in case people want to drop off their Activation Assignments.  Please clearly label whatever you drop off for me as other teachers will be using the drop-off box.

Finally,  I believe everyone was sent a health and safety document from our administration that needs to be signed and returned to me.  I have been advised that everyone needs to sign this.  Please either sign, scan, and email it back to me, sign and drop it off, or bring it with you to our Student Learning Plan meeting. Health & Safety Letter

Thank you, and have a good weekend!




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