Class Welcome and Introductions

In this very strange covid situation, some students will be returning to programming at Beaconsfield, some won’t, and some may at a later date.  I know when I am meeting people, I like to be able to put a face to a name, and I know all the students are curious about who is in their group this year!

I’m asking parents to email me a photo of (each) your children.  Head shots/faces are best.  I am going to put the photos into a little welcome and intro presentation for our students.  Your child(ren)’s photo will not be shared outside the group nor used for any other purposes unless I contact you and get express approval to do so (which sometimes happens, but rarely).

I hope that by making a presentation to send out that the students will feel more like this is “their” group and class and feel more a part of what is going on.  It is hard to build community during this darned pandemic!

Thank you in advance for sending your photo and if I may, I’m asking for photos to be sent by Friday, September 18th.

Thanks Kindly,


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