What’s Happening?!

I’m very happy to be back, and I want to thank people for their warm words of welcome.  I know it can be challenging for kids to change teachers in the middle of a school year, so I hope the transition is as smooth and angst-free as possible for everyone.  It is only day 3 back, so I am aware I am not on top of everything, but I wanted to start getting back to some of my tried-and-true routines with the kids and families.


I have had some enquiries about Scholastic and I sent home the current flyer with the Primaries yesterday.  Here is how Scholastic works:  If you wish to pay out-of-pocket, then go ahead and order online through the parent portal, but be aware, using this route, your Scholastic orders will not be paid for with your allotment and I cannot reimburse for items you purchase.  If you wish to use your allotment, send me a detailed email of what you want to order and where you located it – that is, is it in the current flyer, on the website, was it in a past flyer, and if so, which one?  Then I will order it for you and the cost will be deducted from your allotment.  Prices on the flyers (BC) and on the website are the total cost excluding shipping.  Flyer items ship free (if they meet a minimum order of $25), online items ship at about 10% of the total cost – so add another 10% on to your order for your own record keeping. If you wish to order something less than $25, I will simply wait until another order is sent to me and order items together for families to save shipping costs.

Primary Show & Tell:

We will be getting back to scheduled Show & Tell.  If I miss someone in the schedule, please send me an email and I will rectify the error.  If your child(ren) end up missing their allotted day, I will simply re-schedule them, no worries.  Also, if children do not wish to participate in show and tell, that is absolutely fine, just let me know. Finally, I ask that children bring something related to their learning and ask for no toys or stuffies, especially right now as the other children will want to touch and play with these types of things also.


Monday, February 8: Audrey

Tuesday, February 9:  Aprilia

Tuesday, February 16: Sophie K.

Monday, February 22: Chloe

Tuesday, February 23: Theo

Monday, March 1: Eden

Tuesday, March 2: Brixton

Monday, March 8: Skye

Tuesday, March 9: Stella

Monday, March 29: Sophia (T-L)

Tuesday, March 30: Tisa

Valentines Day:

The theme for Valentines Day is Kind things we can say to one another. The Primaries have been enthusiastically writing notes to each other, copying phrases from the board that they came up with.   It has been pretty great having the children want to spend their time writing to one another!  Our class rule is that if children want to give out valentines, they need to give one to everyone, and not leave anybody out.  If you need a list of children’s first names in their class, please let me know and I will email it to you.  Because of covid, we cannot share goodies or snacks, but things like individually wrapped treats (such as lollipops, candies, etc.) can be given out.  If there are any allergies or concerns, please let me know.  I personally won’t be giving out any treats, but families are most welcome to bring some treats to be distributed to the children if you’d like.  The primaries will open their valentines mailboxes on the 9th, and the intermediates on the 12th.





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