April Showers

I am thankful for today’s rain, as I spent my long weekend tearing out my lawn and planting an alternative wildflower lawn.  We’ll see this weekend if I simply spread out very expensive birdseed, or if a blanket of pollinator flowers takes root!  With the gardening season emerging, I have asked for a garden plot for our class in the school garden and a small budget to purchase some seeds and plants with the kids.  I will keep everyone posted about what will happen with that.

Many questions about allotments…The last day to submit allotment requests is Friday, April 30th at noon.  There are no exceptions to this deadline as it has to do with the accounting deadlines at the school board.  I have had to say no to families who have submitted after the deadline in the past, and it isn’t something I enjoy doing.

Families have also asked me how much they have left in their allotments and those questions aren’t as easy to answer as usual.  I usually have a good idea myself, but since I was away, I don’t know how much was submitted before I returned, and with all the extra admin work for the office because of covid, our admin staff are swamped and tallies are not current.  I ask that families do their best to figure out what they have spent to date and submit for what you think you have left.  The earlier the better.  If you submit for something and there are not funds left in your allotment, I will simply let you know.  However, please keep in mind that if you want to do this, please don’t wait as we won’t be able to advise you of monies left over after the 30th as the accounts are closed at that point.

Scholastic orders please email directly to me.  Anything else, please place a paper allotment form with your items or invoices attached directly in the mailbox at the front door.  Thank you.

Finally, for the Primaries, please mark April 26th off on your calendar as that is a Professional Day and there will be no school that day.

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