Portfolio Time Fast Approaching

Portfolio meetings are fast approaching.  They will be held from May 27th through to June 4th. Please take a look at the available appointment times and email me your first and second choice of meeting times. Portfolio meetings are a mandatory component of the Home Learners’ Program, so please ensure you make an appointment with me.  Once I have booked your meeting time, I will send a link for us to meet virtually.

Due to the fact that we will be meeting virtually, I need parents to go through the Student Learning Plans for your child(ren) and prepare a written outline of the goals of each curricular area and what activities/reading/worksheets/workbooks/courses/books, etc., your child engaged in to fulfill their curricular goals. Just use the Goals and Content information on the left-hand column of the Student Learning Plan to indicate what they have completed, what they are still working on, or what they did not cover during this school year.  Please email me your written outline at least 1 day prior to your appointment day so I will be able to read it and prepare for our meeting.

Many of our parents already do this for all their portfolio meetings, so if you have questions, there may be some parents willing to share how they go about it – it isn’t onerous. Especially for Primaries, it won’t be detailed like my example, so don’t worry.

Here is a brief example of what I mean by outlining the goals of each curricular area.   If I had a grade 6 child, I would look at the goals for Grade 6 mathematics on the SLP and write for Mathematics:

Goals:  1.  My Child learned about whole number percents and percentage discounts using JUMP Math 6.2, figuring out what the percentages mean on advertisements, in flyers, and out shopping, and how much we saved on items discounted by a percentage when shopping.  They also have been working on pencil and paper calculations to future out percentage discounts using the formula to do so.

2.  My child is still working on improper fractions and the ordering of whole numbers and improper fractions using JUMP Math 6.1 and math manipulatives (fraction tiles).

etc… to complete the goals for Math.

Then I would do the same for each curricular area.

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