Last School Days for Intermediates

I know the Intermediates are ready to enjoy the summer and to say goodbye to a very peculiar school year and year in the life of pandemic living.  I just want to provide an overview of the next two days so everybody has what they need for both days.

On Thursday, we will be going to Trout Lake park to enjoy the weather, get out of the brick oven that is our school building, and have some fun.  Please have the students pack a towel or something to sit on at the park, a water bottle, snack and lunch, sunscreen, and maybe a hat.

On Friday, we will have our own Home Learners’ ‘Sports Day.’  Please have your students bring their snacks and lunch.  I will be providing snacks and drinks as requested by the kids, and I think most of the students want to bring a treat, as we discussed in our small group.  Thanks to Claire (‘s Mom!) who provided everyone with two murder mystery games to play also!

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