Lots going on!

It was lovely to meet so many of you over the last little while. The past weeks have been a delightful time of introductions and connecting. Student Learning Plan meetings wrap up next week. In person classes begin for the Intermediate group on Friday October 1. As this day is also school photo day, students from both groups are welcome top come to the photo session at 9:00am. We will meet near the front doors of the school right at 9:00. Intermediate students will stay for the whole day. Primary students will leave as soon as their photo is finished. (We will meet the Primary students at 9:00am at the front of the school the following Monday for their first day of attendance.) Exciting times!

It has been brought to my attention that some families are not getting an email to tell them about a new blog posting. As the Administration of the Blog has changed hands, perhaps try subscribing again? A quick reminder that the best way to reach me is through me email (rather than replying to the blog) …. lbaker@vsb.bc.ca

In your envelops you will find some items direct from the school district. This includes an extremely important VERIFICATION SHEET and a Student Reunification Sheet. This information is collected in case of emergency, and it is essential to return it as soon as possible. In addition, you will find information about School Fees. These are collected from every student throughout VSB. Home Learners are not required to pay the Supplementary fees.

The package also includes a school calendar, a media consent form, a consent form that allows us to go on walks to local parks and other locations for educational purposes that are within walking distance of the school, permission for your child to receive free fruits and vegetables provided through BC Agriculture in the Classroom program.  A Parent email is also collected in the package. If you leave the package stapled together this will make things very easy to track; just detach the orange School Calendar page at the back of the package and we should be good to go!

Please complete and return the package before October 15th by placing it in your child’s envelop before that date. Speaking of the envelops…. I am enjoying the wonderful decorations many students have done on the envelop! Decorating is voluntary but will make it easier for you to identify yours in the tote. To clarify one thing about the envelops: after your next pick-up/drop-off trip the envelop Stays in the tote at School. This way, there will always be a place for me to give items to individuals and families, and for parents families to give items back to me.

One last reminder: Activation Assignments are due before 3:00pm Wednesday Sept 29th.

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