Deep Thinking and Kindness

Its been delightful to get to know your children over the past weeks. As we have been thinking about Thanksgiving and Terry Fox, your children have been sharing some deep thinking.  You are raising such curious and kind people!

Daily Health Check: Many students in both groups have told me that they are not sure if they have completed their Daily Health Check. Please tell your child when you are doing the Daily Health Check so that they can verify that it was done that morning when attendance is taken at school.

Allotment Requests are now open.  You will find the form on the Blog site, and there are a few hard copies in the tote. Please send completed requests directly to me via your child, or place in the tote in the envelope marked Ms. Baker. Please remember, ALL requests must connect to your child’s Student Learning Plan and may take several weeks to be processed.

Verification Forms and Media Consent forms. Please complete the forms sent home last week. You can return them directly to me via your child, or place them in the Envelope marked “Ms. Baker” in the tote.

INTERMEDIATE students will remember that they are expected to submit work more often that the Primary students (See Parent Hand book page 4) Please submit evidence of work on all areas listed on or before October 22. This can be in the form of a photo copy of a log book page, a scanned or printed photo of a finished product exemplar, a Google Doc, a Pic Collage or similar. Please put your child’s name in the Subject heading of any work submitted digitally.

The Terry Fox Run for Beaconsfield school was postponed due to rain to this Friday. The Primary group did our own Terry Fox Run on Tuesday. The Intermediate group will join in with the school on Fri Oct 8.

The link below is to a short video of our Primary kids’ Terry Fox Run. No faces are shown as not all Media Consent forms have been received yet.

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