Time is flying by!

Along with the falling leaves flying past our windows TIME itself is flying by too. It’s hard to believe, but we are already 20% of the way through the school year!

The schedule to sign up for portfolio meetings will soon be posted on the Blog Calendar. Please send me your first and second preferences, and I will do my best. If you have more than one child in the program you will need to book one time spot PER CHILD. Please plan to bring something quiet for siblings to do while they await their turn. If you are curious about how your child is progressing in relationship to widely held expectations for their age range: Quick Scales and rubrics for assessing all subject areas at all grade levels are available on the Min of Ed website.

Given how slow the “global supply chain” seems to be moving these days, I recommend spending your child’s allotment funds sooner rather than later. Our office staff do not have time to track packages. Items that do not arrive during the school year will be returned to the supplier. Unfortunately, unspent funds, or funds for items on back order, cannot be retained for the following school year, or if your child leaves the program.

Parents of INTERMEDIATE students (grade 4 to grade 7) will remember that they are expected to submit work more often that the Primary students (See Parent Hand book page 4) These interim submissions can be in the form of a photo copy of a log book page, a scanned or printed photo of a finished product exemplar, a Google Doc, a Pic Collage or similar. Please put your child’s name in the Subject heading of any work submitted digitally.

Thank you to those Grade 4-7 students who met the first submission due date of October 22. If your child has not submitted, it is now time to do so, or email the teacher. The second interim submission date is November 12. Portfolios will take the place of the third submission date. The fourth submission date will be December 16. These interim submissions and the portfolio meetings will form the basis of the first report cards in January.

Parents of students in Grade 7: If you intend to enroll your child in a Choice Program for Grade 8, please keep a watch on the VSB website for Choice Program application dates.

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