Glass Half Full

It is hard to believe but we are almost halfway through the school year! Please remember that there is a ProD on Monday Jan 17th.

Recently you will have received a letter from the school outlining procedures for Functional Closures. Home Learners is considered a “Choice Program” and will close in the event of a Functional Closure at Beaconsfield. In the event of a closure Functional Closure I will post on the Blog and email  a variety of open ended learning activities to support learning from home. Please keep an eye on your Spam folder because I will use the BCC option on the emails during a Functional Closure as well as posting on TEAMS.

Seemingly minor COVID symptoms can be hard to detect.  To help prevent the need for a Functional Closure it is vital that parents conduct the multi-question Daily Health Check. Many of our younger students are arriving uncertain if the Daily Health Check was done at home. Please make the check explicit to your child.

Please keep an eye out for an email from me with an attached Social Responsibility Self-Assessment form to complete and return (email OK) by Jan 18th.  Those students who attend on 13th, 14th, and 18th will do the form in class.

Wool dye experiments were sent home as an extra activity for over the holidays. It has been a lot of fun to share your results! Please send any remaining experiments to school as soon as possible. We will be using the wool to make bookmarks and bracelets soon.

Show and Tell: Every Primary child in attendance on Mondays will have an opportunity to do Show And Tell if they wish. In case we don’t get to everyone on Mondays it would be best to only bring Show and Tell Items you don’t mind leaving in the cloakroom overnight.

Allotment updates: Your list of items must be recorded on the Template available on the Blog or on a hard copy of the form from the Tote.  Our office staff simply do not have time to transcribe the lists of requests onto the template. Please note Scholastic now charges shipping!!!

Some students are dabbling with Coding. Here is a link to some resources you might enjoy

Stay warm, stay dry, stay safe, and…wash your hands!

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