There’s a good story in here somewhere.

Colourful wool, seashells fill this vibrant space full of creative kids! We have recently been exploring the ‘elements’ of story. These include plot, setting and character. We all have been given a scallop shell to construct a story around. The scallop has a hinge and has become a tiny treasure box containing a secret treasure. The mysterious treasure will drive our various plots. Each of us will have our own setting and characters as well. Creativity and mystery abound!

We have been discussing the concept of Empathy and what it means to have empathy for other beings. We have talked about world news and expressing concern about children who are refuges and animals impacted by a changing climate. We have been thinking about things that we can do as individuals to protect the environment, and what we as a class might be able to do in order to help make life a bit easier for a refugee child. The conversation continues.

Back by popular demand…the main school kids are holding another fundraiser to support their Year End event. There will be a popcorn sale at recess on Thursday April 7. Items are $1-2.

If you know a family with students who will be in grade 4 or 5 or 6 next year who may be interested in our program, please let them know we are accepting inquiries for next year. Please direct them to this blog for the application form. Or they can email me at

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