Colourful fun!

Its been a week of colourful (and very messy!) fun as we learn about colour theory. We practiced “wax resist” art on eggs and seashells; we painted solid background colours onto rocks, then notice how the colours “popped” when we added them on top.

We have been using drop spindles to turn some of our home dyed wool into yarn/string. We created a loom and will begin weaving with our home made yarn in the days ahead. Some of the eggs we brought for our colour art activity were repurposed for an engineering/applied design challenge: Raw eggs were placed into packages we created from cardboard and yarn/string. Then we threw them from a great height to see if our packaging would protect the egg. Some eggs survived!

Our daffodils have burst into bloom, and our tulips are not far behind. In the days ahead we will be planting/transplanting some annuals to climb on the fence in the space behind the tulips. Consider dropping by the garden after 3:00pm in the next few days to see the results of our labour

On Thursday we were treated to a wonderful jazz concert by Gladstone Senior Jazz Band and choirs. Conducted by Mr. Braverman, these talented performers lifted our hearts had us all tapping our toes and singing along to some tunes!

In the next few weeks, we will be learning how thread a sewing needle, sew on a button, and attach one piece of fabric to another by hand. To do this we will be making sock puppets! If you have some socks that have lost their mates, now is your chance to give them a new life as a character in our puppet theatre. Please send you child with a (clean) sock of two. I will provide the sewing needles and other materials needed to create the puppets.

Reminder: Monday April 25 is a Pro D Day: No school for students. Thursday April 28 is an early dismissal day: 2:00pm pick up time. Third term Portfolio meetings begin May 24. I hope to have the blog calendar fixed by this time next week!

As Covid restrictions are opening up I am considering arranging a couple field trips and would appreciate your feedback. I will be emailing out a survey in the next week or so seeking your thoughts about under what circumstances you would be likely to participate in a field trip. I will use the BCC function; it might end up in your spam folders. Please keep an eye out for it.

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